West Coast Lowdown

Now in its 3rd edition, The West Coast Lowdown is an event that honours the traditions of the hotrod, kustom, lowrider and tattoo scenes of Southern California in the 60’s and before – while firmly looking to the future to inspire individual creativity and self expression.

The Lowdown brings together car builders, bike builders, artists and tattooists and mixes in modern skaters, punkrock, rockabilly music and styles, then adds in merchants from across the state and country to combine them into a powerful mix that has spawned the fastest growing sub-culture on earth.


Kustom Kulture is a term used to describe the lifestyle surrounding custom cars and hot rods of the 1930’s – 1960’s. The term is a mix of the term Kustom  (spelt with a K thanks to George Barris’ ‘Kustom City’ shop in Toluca Lake) and Culture, which covers the styles of music, fashion, vehicle design, art and lifestyle of being involved with custom cars.

Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth and his famous Rat Fink designs, Dean Jefferies, Robert Williams, Von Dutch, Larry Watson and many other pioneering builders and artists completely transformed the world we knew of as Customising.

Kustom Kulture pays homage to these pioneers and their maverick spirit embodied in their wild counter-culture designs. The ‘anti-Mickey-Mouse’ of Rat Fink, the wild candy and flake paint jobs of Larry Watson, and the burning need to reshape your world the way YOU want it to be – all sit in the heart of kustom kulture.

The resurgence of popularity in the 2000’s has seen the influx of modern influences that share the same vision. Skaters, punk rockers, greasers, lowbrow artists, tattooists, punk rock bands and many more all connect to the unspoken understanding of what it means to go it your own way.


Click play to take a look at our last kustom kulture party in 2015 – “Hall-O-Weird"