West Coast Lowdown


This year the Lowdown  has chosen 12 of the states top builders to showcase one of their vehicles.  These builders all have one thing in common – outstanding contribution to the custom vehicle building scene.

The recognition comes from many sources; friends, colleagues, peers in the industry, long-standing association with industry bodies or affiliated non-profit organisations.  These groups are as varied as they are essential, and without their assistance none of us would be able to enjoy the level of custom modifications we are currently able to work with.

Each of these builders have earned the respect of their fellows, and they deserve to be highlighted for the attention of all attendees.  Not specifically because they build show-winning cars or have completed research papers in automotive safety although these factors definitely play a part.

Consistently though these builders show a dedication to the traditions and styles of the builders that have gone before them, while keep a firm eye on the future.  They share a drive to create new and innovative rides, while remaining inspired and driven by the work and traditions of the masters.

These people epitomise the Lowdown spirit, the ethos that drives the entire show.

If you have been invited to participate in the Lowdown as a Feature Builder please use this form to complete your registration.

Please do not fill in this form unless you have been invited to show your vehicle as a Feature Builder.  If you would like to show your vehicle and are unsure if you should use this form or not, please use the Lowdown Invitational form instead.