West Coast Lowdown

The Best of the Best

In our quest to find the best hot rods, kustoms, lowriders, bikes and race cars that epitomise the kustom kulture aesthetic we bring you the Invitational. These are the rides we see around our great state that ‘get it’ and we know you will too when you see them.

Not every ride is going to be finished.  Not every ride is going to win awards in a beauty contest.  Not every ride was built by a cheque book – but they are ALL worthy of your attention.

These rides pay respect to the heyday of kustomizing, hot rodding, drag racing, lowriding and more. These are the kinds of cars you would see at a show in LA today, or back in 1962.

If you think YOUR ride should be included, please fill out the form below and we will put it up for consideration.  There are some CRITERIA that apply though so make sure you read those first.



  • Pre 1965 Australian and American vehicles only.
  • Period wheels & tyres – steel rims, vintage magnesium, wires, astro supremes. Repro considered. Whitewalls, blackwalls, bias-ply tyres preferred, vintage slicks on race cars, 520’s on lowriders.
  • Kustoms must have a minimum 3 modifications including lowering. The stance is critical.  Shaved door handles, badge and trim removal, frenched or modified headlights/tailights, chopped roof, sectioned body panels all encouraged.
  • Period paintwork including kustom finishes such as panelling, scalloping, pinstriping, metalflake, candies, pearl etc.
  • Each vehicle is assessed on it’s own merit, the overall end result is the most important aspect.


  • Pre 1995 motorcycles considered.
  • Traditional styled choppers and bobbers strongly encouraged.
  • Must be carbeureted.  No EFI
  • No full faring sport bikes, no MotoX
  • See the Bike Build-Off Rules to understand the show criteria.

Each vehicle will be assessed on it’s own merits and we encourage you to apply for an invitation.  Click the button below to send us a detailed email about your build and why you believe it should be included.  Please provide as many photos as possible.  It is also a good idea to send pics of all rides you would like to be considered.

The Invitational Is Now FULL

The West Coast Lowdown Invitational is now FULL and applications are now closed.  We are now accepting applications for the Wait List only.  Vehicles on the Wait List will be contacted if space allows or if an invited vehicle is unable to attend.

Please fill out the following form only if you are interested in being added to the Wait List.  There is no guarantee your vehicle will be invited to participate.