West Coast Lowdown

9am Early Bird Tickets ONLY

Arrive early to see the 12 Featured Builders cars, trucks and bikes drive into the pavillion right in front of you.  This is your chance to see the machines as they were meant to be seen!


As each vehicle is driven into the pavillion our resident MC will introduce the driver, give you a brief overview of what has been done to the vehicle, and some history behind the person that has built it.


Due to extensive legalities and insurance liabilities this type of show feature has never been attempted before in an indoor venue.  Inspired by the international mega show the Yokohama Mooneyes Hot Rod and Custom Show, this is a unique and highly personal way to experience the awesome rides up close.

If you have never seen this done before, play the video below.

Stadium Seating

We have purpose-built a 5-tier grandstand to give you the best view in the house.  Once this is full however, there will be additional standing room on the floor however this will be restricted to specific locations due to safety considerations.


We really want this part of the show to be a regular feature of the Lowdown so we need to prove to the authorities we can do it, and do it safely.  Therefore the amount of tickets available will be strictly limited so we can control numbers in the Kavalcade area and to ensure everyones safety.